The Indian Institute of Computing and Technology (IICT) in New Delhi was founded in 2021 and is connected with Vigyan Prasar (VP), which was formed by the Ministry of Science and Technology Government of India. Mr. Satyavendu Kumar and a group of like-minded individuals created the IICT Trust to bring in Industry-Ready professionals and a new generation of entrepreneurs to meet the demands of an ever-increasing global market. The trust's mission is to develop an educational hub that produces professionals that are well-versed in computing skills, values, heritage, and culture. IICT is also a nodel centre of IIRS Indian Space Research Organisation Govt.of India. Provide space related courses. IICT believes in imparting holistic education where the student community is the focal point of the learning process. The college offers a motivating environment for knowledge assimilation with a sense of social responsibility and human values. IICT constantly assess its set up to build societal /industrial demand of computing skill sets for the students.